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We believe in a decentralized world


is the Latam share in global cryptocurrency activity


increase in crypto VC investments in 2021 in Latam


increase in crypto usage from 2019 to 2021


largest GDP in the world, if Latam was a country

Our mission is to find the most disruptive Web3 businesses to invest and back them - to build awareness, drive adoption, and help them make the right connections in Latam's markets.

Latin America has 665 million people and a GDP of over US$5 Trillion. That’s equal to 9% of the global economy. Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, and Colombia make up 80% of the GDP.

Latin America's economic and political history creates fertile ground for Web3 to thrive. It is home to over 100 blockchain startups and has a strong base of talented Web3 developers. It also has one of the highest cryptocurrency adoption rates in the world.


We are a multidisciplinary team of skilled entrepreneurs and professionals with extensive experience in the worlds of crypto, branding, law, and finance.

Meet the team
Guilherme Matarazzo
Edson Teofilovic
Celso Grisi
Eduardo Neto


We invest in early-stage blockchain companies that are in the forefront of shaping Web3 as it moves toward creating more and more decentralized finance, user privacy, and digital ownership.

Meet the companies
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